Uru Water Project

image of borehole drilling with little boy

It Can Be Done! is focus­ing its ini­tial efforts and resources on a clean water sys­tem for the peo­ple of Uru, at the base of Mt. Kil­i­man­jaro, Tan­za­nia. This rain forested region lies above the town of Moshi and encom­passes 12 vil­lages set on low moun­tain­ous ter­rain. Our goal is to sup­port clean water access and dis­tri­b­u­tion to the approx­i­mately 30,000 peo­ple in this area.


Women and chil­dren suf­fer greatly from the lack of access to clean water. They climb and walk 2 to 5 hours a day on pre­car­i­ously steep trails, car­ry­ing water in 5 gal­lon buck­ets on their heads. Many resort to col­lect­ing water that runs down the moun­tain in the open fur­rows designed for irri­ga­tion or drainage. These fur­rows become pol­luted from pes­ti­cides as well as human and ani­mal con­t­a­m­i­nants, with water­borne dis­eases being com­mon and severe.

Cur­rent Project

We are focus­ing our resources and ini­tial efforts on an imme­di­ate relief plan for clean water access in Uru East, Uru North and Uru South cov­er­ing a total pop­u­la­tion of 41,397 peo­ple, in Moshi rural dis­trict, Tan­za­nia. Our goal is to assist the Uru peo­ple by drilling water bore holes. Water from these deep water wells will be piped to schools, clin­ics and community/​church cen­ters, for max­i­mum imme­di­ate impact.


Phase One includes com­pre­hen­sive geo­phys­i­cal sur­veys at each pro­posed site, con­tributed and com­pleted by sur­vey­ors from the Pan­gani River Basin Project and donated by the Tan­zan­ian National Gov­ern­ment. Detailed plot­ting of each site for ele­va­tion and place­ment of tanks, rec­om­mended pipes and pumps, access to elec­tric­ity, and mate­r­ial cost quo­ta­tions have been pro­vided and com­pleted by the DDCA (Drilling and Dam Con­struc­tion Agency), exec­u­tive agency under the Tan­zan­ian Min­is­ter of Water. Drilling and well con­struc­tion began in August 2010, result­ing in our ‘first water’ from the Kimo­cholo Bore­hole in Uru East.


The devel­op­ment and con­struc­tion of this sus­tain­able, clean water dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem, via bore holes, will have imme­di­ate and far-​​reaching effects for the hard work­ing peo­ple of Uru. Chil­dren will be able to attend school reg­u­larly. Women’s work­loads will be light­ened, allow­ing them greater per­sonal dig­nity and time to pur­sue addi­tional means of income. Every­one will enjoy rad­i­cally improved health with the reduc­tion of water-​​related ill­nesses. Our first WATER WELL at Kimo­cholo has pro­duced a record break­ing vol­ume of water… a true MIRACLE WELL capa­ble of sup­ply­ing clean drink­ing water for 5000+ peo­ple in Uru East, once the piping/​reservoirs are con­structed. $10.00 buys 10 feet of pipe for water dis­tri­b­u­tion. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW!


This imme­di­ate relief plan for clean water access in Uru is being coör­di­nated with the active assis­tance of local and national Tan­zan­ian Gov­ern­ment Offi­cials, the Tan­zan­ian NGO — The Global Vol­un­teer Pro­grams Kil­i­man­jaro, Uru Ward and Vil­lage lead­ers. Many Tan­zan­ian cit­i­zens are vol­un­teer­ing their time and skills, along with numer­ous Amer­i­can vol­un­teers, to ben­e­fit the Uru peo­ple. Founded in coöper­a­tion and unity, The Uru Water Bore­hole Project fos­ters greater cul­tural under­stand­ing and true global com­mu­nity… to ben­e­fit us all.

To care for any­one else enough to make their prob­lems one’s own, is ever the begin­ning of one’s real eth­i­cal devel­op­ment.
.…Felix Adler