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Our will­ing­ness to see one another as inter­con­nected regard­less of the dis­tance in miles between us, is the key to under­stand­ing how our actions (what we buy, what we con­sume, how we live) impacts us all world wide.

 In this time of rapidly dis­ap­pear­ing nat­ural resources, it is our inge­nu­ity as global neigh­bors that will sus­tain us. We are called to con­sider and act upon the equi­table shar­ing of wis­dom and resources.

 Draw­ing on the power of instant com­mu­ni­ca­tions and con­tact in this amaz­ing 21st cen­tury, our hands and hearts can reach around the world with light­en­ing speed… touch­ing, shap­ing, and cre­at­ing the world of tomor­row … today.

… wher­ever your heart calls you… this is the spirit of global community.
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Our Global Partners Women’s Ini­tia­tives Uru Water Project


“Imag­ine that you are a force of water… and what shall you do with it?” –Clarissa Pinkola Estes